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Slower Music Playback

Amazing Slow Downer is an audio editing software created by Roni Music. This multimedia app helps users to adjust the audio speed from audio clips, songs, or recordings. It also retains the quality and pitch of the audio file even slowed down for audibility.

The Reason Behind Lowered Pitch At Slower Audio

Sample rate conversion changes the audio clip’s duration or pitch. This process is a mathematical operation where it rebuilds the sample’s waveform into another sample with a different rate. The new audio clip will sound faster or slower whenever a user plays the new sample at their original frequency. Those frequencies in the sample keep the same rate while transposing the pitch it perceived either up or down along the way. Faster recording creates the cartoony Chipmunk effect while slower recording makes pitched down, haunting sounds.

For Transcription And Learning Purposes

Amazing Slow Downer is designed for those who need slower audio but with clearer audio quality. Conventional methods of audio slowdown yield inaudible, slurred words, along with incomprehensible instruments. This app ensures that the words and music notes from audio clips it makes become more understandable, as well as having great quality. With this, transcribers and musicians can learn efficiently since the audio clip is slowed down optimally. They can get the right words and music notes without losing the quality or altering the pitch. 

Audio Slowdown Features

The software is capable of changing the audio speed from 20% to 200%. Users can also adjust the audio clip’s key signature as well as pitch in semitones or cents. They can do it at full speed or changed speed until they achieve the right parameter. Musicians can tune their audio clips to match with their instruments. The app process every audio clip in real time. It also supports standard audio formats such as AAC/M4A, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA.

Uncompromised Audio Slowdown

Amazing Slow Downer can help transcribers and musicians on their audio jobs. It produces slower but more comprehensible words and music notes. Its function is simple but effective enough to get the job done. 


  • Slow down audio speed from 20% to 200%
  • Follow music notes and words easily
  • Compatible with standard audio formats
  • Supports Windows XP and above


  • Dated user interface
  • More contents available at the paid version
  • Does not support DRM-protected MP4 files purchased from iTunes store
  • Not compatible with Spotify and Amazon

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Amazing Slow Downer for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 3.7.0
  • 3
  • (136)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Amazing Slow Downer

  • Eli Perel

    by Eli Perel

    i found it simple to install and operate for beginners and free

  • Tom Clarke

    by Tom Clarke

    Really cool.
    You can use this great tool for creating remixes (change the speed of a song without altering its pitch), or for learning a song. A More


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